Jul 31, 2014


Hello Hello
Last week, i mean on ramadhan holiday
i was feel so bored, and i didn't know what to do..
So, i decided to make an ilustration of me:)
I just learn how to make it and...

It's difficult, you know.. to make an ilustration
But I make it!

this is my second try of make illustration, i love it<3

this is my first try.. XD soo bad.. i knew it

and this is the comparison.. *LOL*

i knew my ilustration is not very good, bcz i'm not a profesional, u know.. i'm just newbie
Maybe i want to make another ilustration again, if i want to do, haha

So, if u want to know how to make the ilustration
i will make an tutorial to you
But let me know if you wanted it so bad
Just comment and give me some "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" is up to you



Hi Guys!
How r u? i am good, i think.. maybe a little bit bored.. haha

so.. Happy Ied Mubarak everyone!:D
Minal Aidzin wal Faidzin

so.. i'd like to tell you..
that i have new youtube account! yey!

here's two of my three videos

Don't forget to comment anything.. and give me thumbs up if you do
And give me and idea to make some video for my youtube channel
my idea is stuck.. pft

Love yaaa

Jul 20, 2014

Ladder Dreams

Hi Guys! :D
it's has been a year since i didn't post anything on my blog
and it's terrible to look on my blog because my blog is so quiet.. pft-_-

so today i decided to start blogging again and make something awesome to my life:)

there's lot.. hmm.. something or maybe much that i want to do since a long time ago
maybe i was die in this world, because i did not make anything..
i mean anything that make my life so mean to me.. haha

and so many of my stories, which I do not say to you..
start from i graduated of my junior high school.. and now i'm a student in my dream school
yeeaah! what i wish when in junior high school is become true

and on my graduation holiday, i am go to BALI with my family. yey
i will blog photos of my vacation and my other vacation
and also i will blog photos when i'm in my school (p.s. now i am is eleven class but i am still 15, i mean on september i will 16)

and my other story is.... *drumroll*
finally.. i have my DSLR Camera!:3 yeey.. i am so happy for that
(my DSLR camera is Canon EOS 700D) thanks MOM <3 i love you
it's kredit btw.. hihi

and i will make "to do list"
and here's is what i want to do as soon as possible
because who wants if your dreams not become true? i think you don't, so do i
my other wishlist :
1. i want to practice my english to be better with enroll in english language courses
2. i want to keep blogging and make something on the internet,
such like, be a newbie on youtube, make a account of, and keep my soundcloud and instagram
3. i want to be beauty, inside and outside
4. i wish my hair becomes long rapidly, so i will know my new hair
i want to be an inspiration for everyone
5. i want to make new friends, maybe real bestfriends
hmm.. maybe just that, i forgot the other.. hehe

there was not just happy story in last year. i have a sad story too.. huhu
maybe about my family or my dream or my love story
that maybe i wouldn't tell to you guys.. because i am to shy.. and idk, it's dishonor maybe
if you want to know it.. please comment or maybe you can ask something to me about that
your support that i don't to be shy about that, is what i want

so.. please support me guys to start be active! XOXO

I am so sorry if my english is so bad, because i'm not expert
And thanks to google translate because the translation