Jul 31, 2014


Hello Hello
Last week, i mean on ramadhan holiday
i was feel so bored, and i didn't know what to do..
So, i decided to make an ilustration of me:)
I just learn how to make it and...

It's difficult, you know.. to make an ilustration
But I make it!

this is my second try of make illustration, i love it<3

this is my first try.. XD soo bad.. i knew it

and this is the comparison.. *LOL*

i knew my ilustration is not very good, bcz i'm not a profesional, u know.. i'm just newbie
Maybe i want to make another ilustration again, if i want to do, haha

So, if u want to know how to make the ilustration
i will make an tutorial to you
But let me know if you wanted it so bad
Just comment and give me some "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" is up to you


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