Jul 20, 2014

Ladder Dreams

Hi Guys! :D
it's has been a year since i didn't post anything on my blog
and it's terrible to look on my blog because my blog is so quiet.. pft-_-

so today i decided to start blogging again and make something awesome to my life:)

there's lot.. hmm.. something or maybe much that i want to do since a long time ago
maybe i was die in this world, because i did not make anything..
i mean anything that make my life so mean to me.. haha

and so many of my stories, which I do not say to you..
start from i graduated of my junior high school.. and now i'm a student in my dream school
yeeaah! what i wish when in junior high school is become true

and on my graduation holiday, i am go to BALI with my family. yey
i will blog photos of my vacation and my other vacation
and also i will blog photos when i'm in my school (p.s. now i am is eleven class but i am still 15, i mean on september i will 16)

and my other story is.... *drumroll*
finally.. i have my DSLR Camera!:3 yeey.. i am so happy for that
(my DSLR camera is Canon EOS 700D) thanks MOM <3 i love you
it's kredit btw.. hihi

and i will make "to do list"
and here's is what i want to do as soon as possible
because who wants if your dreams not become true? i think you don't, so do i
my other wishlist :
1. i want to practice my english to be better with enroll in english language courses
2. i want to keep blogging and make something on the internet,
such like, be a newbie on youtube, make a account of, and keep my soundcloud and instagram
3. i want to be beauty, inside and outside
4. i wish my hair becomes long rapidly, so i will know my new hair
i want to be an inspiration for everyone
5. i want to make new friends, maybe real bestfriends
hmm.. maybe just that, i forgot the other.. hehe

there was not just happy story in last year. i have a sad story too.. huhu
maybe about my family or my dream or my love story
that maybe i wouldn't tell to you guys.. because i am to shy.. and idk, it's dishonor maybe
if you want to know it.. please comment or maybe you can ask something to me about that
your support that i don't to be shy about that, is what i want

so.. please support me guys to start be active! XOXO

I am so sorry if my english is so bad, because i'm not expert
And thanks to google translate because the translation

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