Feb 5, 2013


On the 24th of January, 2013. I and all my classmates went to goa cemara for the yearbook. The place is beautiful and it's close the goa cemara beach.

Yup! i already go to high school.. really fast. And guess what? I certainly be bad at the yearbook. Hiks.


by the way, the national exams coming soon, 76 days again .. Oh My God
Ya Allah, give me strength, patience, and success..

Three years I went to school here, with my friends.. did not want to split


These are LOL pictures=))

It was a crazy day. But maybe bad day too.. Because i start it with bad. Huft.. It's long story. I'm less preparation.

red is everywhere*.*

btw, i apologize to indri and alya, because a a lot of photo of me in your camera._. hehe..

oh ya .. I want to apologize to you all for my mistake .. I must have got it wrong..
And i'm sorry for rare post, because i'm lazy to do it and i don't have much time.. hehe.. Keep support me. Ok


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